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How do I find the best OBGYN near me?

The first thing to do is make sure the OBGYN you pick is in your network. Read reviews and ask friends or family you trust in the area you are looking

At what age should I see an OB GYN?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that girls first see a gynecologist when they’re between the ages of 13 and 15

How much does it cost to go to a Obgyn without insurance?

If you lack health insurance or carry a budget plan that doesn’t fully cover gynecological exams, you should expect to pay at least $125 for a basic office visit that includes a pap smear and pelvic exam.

What happens at your first Obgyn appointment?

During your first appointment you’ll also receive a physical examination and ultrasound, if needed. After the exam is completed and reviewed, patients also meet with an obstetrics nurse to review follow-up care and prenatal education

Where can I find an OBGYN in Gwinnett

St. Theresa’s OBGYN is located within reach of most residents in Gwinett. We are located at 2311 Henry Clower Blvd SW suite e, Snellville, GA 30078. Call us on (470) 545-5551 if you have any questions.